Your Local Dentist and Social Media

The words', "social media," are a stranger to no one in this day and age. Busy lifestyles have made it difficult for people to stay in contact with friends, and family. This is why social media has become so popular. Whatever our age, Facebook, … [Read more...]


Have you recently returned to the dating scene? Are you worried about your breath? Bad breath has a direct corrrelation with your oral health. Systemic reasons for halitosis could be sinusitis ,diabetes along with smoking & alcohol. How ever the … [Read more...]

Mouth Guards

  In my 25 plus years in dentistry one appliance i have always recommened was a dental mouth gaurds. the first dental guards were devolped for boxers, but the trend expanded to more different sport. However skateboarding & bicycles accidents are … [Read more...]

Tooth Whitening

What is the best and easiest tooth whitening method. The best tooth whitening agent is Carbamide Peroxide. It comes in different concentrations. The whitening agent needs contact time time against the tooth for a great result. Whitening tooth pastes … [Read more...]

Does fluoridated water reduce tooth decay?

The answer is yes there is no doubt, fluoridated does reduce tooth decay. The city of Huntington Beach, CA does fluoridate the city water. However most parents dont allow their children to drink tap water. Plus to get your recommended daily amount of … [Read more...]

Patients always ask me why they need a crown?

   They ask if i can just fill the tooth. Usually the fact that the tooth has an existing filling with more structure lost. Average biting forces can range from 100 lbs to 250 lbs. this means that many large fillings would not be durable. The filling … [Read more...]

Foods Containing Mercury

Flag this photo Mercury is a heavy metal that exists in many places throughout the earth. As a result, some of the food we eat contains traces of mercury. Fish in particular absorb copious amounts of mercury as they swim in the water. This is due … [Read more...]

Almalgam fillings

       "Dental amalgam is the most commonly used dental restorative material used for dental fillings. First introduced in France in the early 19th century,[1] it contains a mixture of mercury with at least one other metal. Amalgam has been the … [Read more...]

New Team Member

Dr. Sebastian recently  added a new addition to his dental team. She is Samanda Carreon a graduate of Edison High School 2010 from Huntingon Beach, CA. … [Read more...]

Meth Mouth

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Suspected case of meth mouth "Meth mouth" is an informal name for advanced tooth decay attributed to heavy methamphetamine use.[1] According to the American … [Read more...]