Removing White Spots on Teeth

Removing White Spots with Resin Infiltration

How to get rid of white spots on teeth? Resin Infiltration.

This is a common dental problem patients have asked Dr. Sebastian. Dr. Sebastian has tired many treatments for white spots. The two most common ways you get white spots on teeth are:

  1. Orthodontic Treatment- when the patient’s dental hygiene is poor, bacteria collects around the braces. These bacteria around the braces will decalcify the dental enamel. This turns into white spots on your teeth.
  2. Hypo calcification on enamel. This occurs during the development of teeth. The patient has no control over this. The white spot is on the tooth when it comes in.

How to fix white spots on teeth? 

The most conservative treatment is resin infiltration and is an effective treatment for removing white spots. Resin infiltration treatment for white spots has only been around for approximately ten years.

The image below is an actual patient

Resin Infiltration / Removing White Spots