Root Canals in Huntington Beach

How can a root canal help me? Root canal therapy, also known as an “Endodontic Treatment”, is a procedure designed to remove pain and to save the tooth by avoiding tooth extractions.

A common misconception is that the root is never removed; it is merely the nerve tissue. After an endodontic treatment the tooth becomes a non-living tooth.

Indications for a root canal are to save tooth structure, maintain ability to chew and prolong the quality of your tooth life.

Many times a endodontic treatment can be finished within one office visit and a temporary filling is placed. After the procedure, to restore chewing function, a porcelain crown is cemented.

The reputation of root canal therapy pain can cause patients to avoid this procedure. But in fact most root canals do not have post operative discomfort.

Cost varies from the number of canals or roots that an individual tooth has formed.

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The steps involved in a root canal or endodontic treatment.