Does fluoridated water reduce tooth decay?

The answer is yes there is no doubt, fluoridated does reduce tooth decay. The city of Huntington Beach, CA does fluoridate the city water. However most parents dont allow their children to drink tap water. Plus to get your recommended daily amount of fluoride you need to drink one liter of water a day. The city of Huntington Beach  Public works reports that only 6% of the water in your home comes out of your faucet. That means 94% of water is used for other home uses. In time of fiscal uncertainty in order to balance the budget, the city of Huntington Beach should stop fluoridating city drinking water. Fluoridated water is mostly wasted. Plus does the city really need to print this water quality report and mail it to all its residents in the city approximately 202,566 residents and 73,657 living in the the city of Huntington Beach, CA?

Dr. Sebastian
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