Mouth Guards

  In my 25 plus years in dentistry one appliance i have always recommened was a dental mouth gaurds. the first dental guards were devolped for boxers, but the trend expanded to more different sport. However skateboarding & bicycles accidents are notorious for causing dental trauma. Another name for dental mouth guards are mouth protectors, this is really more discriptive name. A well constructed dental mouth guards can also help prevent concussions. Mouth guards are mostly recommended for contact sports. Mouth Guards prevents damage to teeth and prevents avulsion of a tooth.. My wife was a victim of a baseball bat, and my dental assistant was a victim of a rollerskating accident. For more information on mouth guards contact your dentist or go on youtube to type in knocked out teeth. There are 3 types of mouth guards we can use :

1.) Custom Mouth- the are most recommended by your dentist and more comfortable for your mouth contact your dentist for more information on mouth guards and see which ones are more suitable for you and your mouth.

2.) Mouth forrmed- made by the patient by biting into the plastic material.

3.) Ready Made- stock one size fits all which is the least comfortable.

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