Your Local Dentist and Social Media

The words’, “social media,” are a stranger to no one in this day and age. Busy lifestyles have made it difficult for people to stay in contact with friends, and family. This is why social media has become so popular. Whatever our age, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or whichever media site one prefers, has made it possible to stay in touch.

The ability we have to stay involved in others lives, gives us the power to share our own experiences and knowledge with our friends. Use this ability when you can. If you have a friend that has posted a symptom or problem, or is looking for a new Dentist or Doctor and you have a good answer, SHARE!

For those of us who are fortunate enough to call Dr Sebastian, and his dental staff, our “dental family,” we should share their information with a friend who may mention in a post they are looking for a good dentist, or are in need of dental assistance.

In closing I ask that we pay attention to what is being said in ways we may not have before. When you see a friend saying they have a tooth ache, or their jaw clicks when they chew; maybe you notice a friend wants whiter teeth,  or their partner’s snoring can compete with a bears growl! Please send them to your dental family, as we always have for you, we will take good care of them.

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